Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Music: "...Baby One More Time"

The song "...Baby One More Time" is creepy to start with. I personally think it's up there with "Every Breath You Take" in the ranks of songs people only think are romantic because they've never really listened to the words.

You would think that it couldn't get much creepier than the original single release with its disturbingly exploitative barely-legal star and high school setting. You'd be wrong.

Although you probably won't be surprised to find out who figured out how to make it creepier. I mean, this is the internet.

"...Baby One More Time
Ahmet & Dweezil Zappa

There's another cover by Marilyn Manson, but I can't seem to find a good copy anywhere on YouTube.


  1. Most of the Police songs that involve relationships are pretty damn creepy.

  2. Wow. Seriously, whole new levels of creepy. Not that I'm surprised. I've seen AMV's that made perfectly innocent songs incredibly creepy. And Utena is pretty much insane to start with. (Although I still say the original music video for Bright Eyes is the creepiest thing ever.)

  3. I never liked that song - I couldn't get past the title. I'd never seen the video, so, erm, thanks for showing me just how right I was to distrust anything that asked for the girl to be hit more!